Friday, 10 February 2012

Music and Life

Many people enjoys music, but what is music?
Everyone has senses, be it from your nose, the touch, how you feel, and of course, what you hear.

Everything is linked, just like everyone is linked together. They always say, you only need 6 friends to know the whole world.

Our trend has moved into a faster pace. Though the music genre has differed from the past, majority enjoys easy listening and light contents. Pop culture is never 'old' thats why new musicians, and new artistes comes and goes all the time.

So what makes it so special. I believe that human, as a whole, is being built to be strong as individuals, coming together to be even stronger to excel in the things/vision they have. In the music context, this shows team building and it also shows alot of expressions of different emotions. It is not just a job where you go in and do your 9-5. Passion is built on FAITH. The Faith to be able to do something you have never done before and making it happen.

Have you wondered, if you have no hearing sense (deaf). For someone who is born deaf, they definitely wouldnt quite understand and probably will not feel much as life still goes on. Here I am saying, what if you had the taste of good music, but one day, when you wake up, its all gone? No sound from the TV, no music playing of your favorite band, no nagging from your love ones etc. Then what?

My purpose of writing today is really hoping that we as individuals really learn how to appreciate music, appreciate life. For the fact things are moving so quickly, have we really 'seen them all' or its all too quick we only looked on the surface and didnt really digest. No food's good for us if we gobble them all in without digesting. No good if you dont know what someone is really saying if you know listen and not try to understand. No point saying the ocean is just and ocean when you have not even any idea how deep it is when you havent swim into it. No point saying 'I already know it all' when God made this world and said, do not always know by your own understandings. It simply means, there is so much more we dont know. Then, why do people think everything is so easy and sometimes, have you heard people saying, you think too much?

Lets all learn to think a little more. Dont fall into depression just because you refused to listen carefully, and digest, doesnt mean the world is against you.

Music and Life is the same. Music is Life.