Monday, 29 November 2010

Happy I Know (Original) HagenTroyTan

[陳柏宇 PUT ON] 最後 4 天倒數試聽!!! 【關注我】

Jason's new album..
Wrote this in mandarin n changed into Canto..

陳柏宇 - 你來自哪顆星 MV(Jason Chan 《Change》) TVB Version

Yeah.. he does my songs very well...

泳兒Vincy Chan - Close To My Heart@2010全新大碟[預見?...遇見。]

You are a friend and a great powerful singer. You go girl...Love you loads

唐禹哲 - You are the One

Come on man, dance with him...

陳柏宇 - 拍一半拖 TVB MV(增線高清 HD)[720P HD Ready]

This is so nice.. I am so proud of myself. lol
Of course, my cantonese sucks.
Praise God

Joi Chua 蔡淳佳 - 銀白色月光 @ 央視中秋晚會 [2008-09-14]

This song is only out in China so here it is..

[Full MV] Jocie Guo Mei Mei 郭美美 - Bu Yao Pa 不要怕

I wrote this specially for Jocie. James, thanks a million, it was great working with you

孫耀威-永遠保護你@ MACAU

Eric, once my idol when I was little. lol
Heard he love this song..

我们的爱 - 大喜事MV

Ok, I dread watching myself in this MV... can you guys just listen to the song and when its my turn, close ur eyes.. YUCKS!


Ok, this good looking HK singer was a sportsman I think. Correct me if I am wrong.. the public figures are indeed getting better n better looking

2008 - 缘之烩 - 主题曲 ( Taste of Love ) Yuan Zi Hui [ Mediacorp Drama Theme S...

Hope you like it

鄭元暢 - 暢一首歌 MV [090907]

I dont know what else to say for this song but.. COOL!!!!!
Enjoy la..

郭書瑤 ( 瑤瑤 ) 來不及說再見 HIGH QUALITY MV (完整版) [With Lyrics]

Heard that this song was being chosen between 2 people. Of which, one of them is me. We were asked to fill up the melody with the lyrics which was given to us before hand.

Jesus, all glory to You.
(demo is still a little different though)

baby bye 潘玮柏

This is a very special song. 潘玮柏 is the first singer who sang my song. Yes... you r my lucky star..

梁文音 愛,一直存在 "愛,一直存在" 官方音樂錄影帶

Ok, this one you should know, and you MUST know.
Great friend sang this..
God bless...

PS I dont really know which is the actual MV version


The Demo for this song is damm different from this.. When I am free, and if anyone wanna hear the demo version.. let me know

Jolin Tsai - Ma De Li Bu Si Yi

Wrote this in my old house.

Mandy moore and Jonathan Foreman - Someday we'll know (Cover) HagenTroyT...

U're Crazy (Original) HagenTroyTan

Shontelle - Stuck With Each Other ft. Akon (Cover) HagenTroyTan & Angeli...

Ring My Bell - Anita Ward (Cover) HagenTroyTan